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    The WMD strategy Forex

    Still the author of the strategy I did not, and my interpretation is: 1. The transaction is opened at the close of the forgotten fuse. Find just getting out of the shadow hard, so I think you can take the transaction as in the example. 2. I agree, it is better to take point 2, but the author...
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    The WMD strategy Forex

    Add another pattern for strategy - Trade clusters. To paraphrase, it's more like trading flat. Need a strong directional movement (70-80 degrees). After which formed the outset. There have two option trade. Or enter on the breakout of the flat, or waiting for breakdown and return. For clarity...
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    The WMD strategy Forex

    A week found the analysis of the strategy of some Britishhttps://academyfx.ru/article/blogi/3...high-low-break. Thought a good option to disassemble the strategy with other people. In parsing the video used M5. But initially the author talks about the trade on H1, H4, D1 I will use to trade in...
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    I realized it is time to work with a real account?

    2 months on demo with good trade and the transition to the real world. First month trade with the tenth part of the total capital, and hence the size of the transaction is correspondingly less, then filled the rest of the amount.