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Clixsense - tiada - 12-13-2017

Clixsense is a GPT and used to be famous with the PTCs activities, i.e the click to paid advertisement.

Anyway, it still serves well as a third parties survey site, which provids most of the survey from survey companies, like Toluna, Global Market Test,ect at a good rate!

Should give a try to target all the surveys at one stop center.

RE: Clixsense - kaka135 - 12-30-2017

ClixSense used to be one of my favorite earning sites, but ever since they removed the PTC section, I didn't get to earn any from it. I have tried the surveys, but haven't get qualified. I will still stick with ClixSense as this is one of the legit sites and it has been operating well throughout the years. I just hope there will be more ways for us to earn, and they will bring back PayPal. Smile

RE: Clixsense - amitkokiladitya - 01-08-2018

Clixsense surveys have reduced a lot in the past few weeks. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

RE: Clixsense - Blessed3 - 06-22-2018

Yes clixsense is one of the best gpt program where you are paid to complete offers and this help keep your earning increase and that is good to be sincere .
Clixsense is good and nice but there was a time which the site get shut down but no offer to complete.

RE: Clixsense - Pradhan - 07-20-2018

I know Clixsense is a great GTP site. Lots of people work regularly and earn well from here. I have an account here. I have joined for a few months ago. I cannot work well from Bangladesh. It is very painful for me.