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Rubber Materail Compound Processing Machinery suppliers
The equipment is mainly used for injection molding (vulcanizing/curing) high-performance rubber oil seals, rubber shock pad,rubber  dust cover, electrical insulation parts, cork soles, industrial rubber boots, vacuum hose, gloves and a water bottle and valve pads, and other rubber molding products.

1.Mechanics design :The base adopts special mechanics design and the precision of the horizon is more accurate.The appearance of the machine is more beautiful
With high quality.
2.Material supply system :A special design of two-stage material supply is employed . It expels bubble out in the most effective way . and no dead material left in the injection system .
3.Injection volume control : Optical ruler made in Germany is employed . The injection volume can be calculated and controlled precisely .
4.Turn shoot board design : It can avoid the shoot mouth from generating dead material , and it is easy to clear up the material to keep the quality of controlled
precisely .
5.Security design :A light curtain  made in Japan is available . And an automatic warning system is also to clear up the monitors the status of machine in order to
extra provide extra protection to assure the operation safety for operatora.
6.Circuit board design : A full-scale oil system is adopted . The noise is low and the pressure is adjusted automatically and proportionally .It is very accurate and
stable .
Technical Parameter
Clamping forceT200300400
Heating plate sizemm503x508580x600700x700
Diameter of cylindermm355450500
Injection volumec.c200030004000
Horse powerhp152020
Mold openingUp/Down /In/Out2RT/3RT/4RT For Optional
Single shaft heating electricityKw161828
Total powerKw273344
Rubber Materail Compound Processing Machinery suppliers

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