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Forum Posting Rules!
I have created this community for the purpose of helping people find work online. Many people today look for legitimate ways to earn online. However, many people create bogus websites and scam people into working for them. Here at MGF, we talk about the legitimate sites that pay people to work and the sites that scam people and don’t pay. This way we help each other make money online.

Spam: Is not tolerated on the forum and it will be removed immediately. Sending unsolicited private messages is considered spam, and you will lose $0.10 from the total posts, threads and referral per each report. If you continue to Spam the forum your account will be banned for life. Stay safe!

Account Signatures: You are allowed to add your website/ref link to your signature.

The following links are not accepted in your signature:
  • Links to porn site

  • Links to illegal sites
You are not allowed a banner or image in your signature.

Posting one replay after another: Posting one reply after another on the site is not allowed.

If we find that you have posted one comment and then posted a second before another person has commented, they will be deleted or merged. You will be penalized for the second comment and $'s will be deducted from your account.

I will give you one warning in a PM concerning these actions. If you continue to double post on the site you will be banned for life.

Craigslist Offers: I don’t accept offers from Craigslist on the forum.

Thank you all!

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