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What's your views about earning sites delayed payment
I just read about complaints of long delayed payment by a popular PTC on a forum and it becoming a trend.What do you think.causes this and do you think there's a remedy for this problem?
Ayuwage, you are talking about it?
Yes it was long delayed, but it paid, not only it paid, it also paid us commission for cashingout and there was no fees from it or paypal, so I think Ayuwage is still a good site.
i think as long as the site is legit and paying we should not be worried when it comes to payments although it disgust but when testing a new site then its always a 50% probability that you will get your earnings
I think there are some sites that sometimes making a delay on its payment, I just don't know if it is maybe because of different factors or because it was the way how they do it.
@"junrose123" i think it is because of how they do it.Take an instance of microworkers they make the members wait for 2 months and the members have already adjusted and already used to it.
Those which delayed payment, may be forgotten too because now I am hardly remembering Ayuwage till someone mention it in some direct or indirect manner.
(03-31-2018, 11:13 AM)Yugocean Wrote: Those which delayed payment, may be forgotten too because now I am hardly remembering Ayuwage till someone mention it in some direct or indirect manner.

Forgotten? I find this quite weird how can I site firhey that its supposed to pay its dues to its members and that's why its good contact the support when it reaches such a point.
I hate sites that delay payment, what ever causes the delay in the first place,the payout are just too small to be owed in my own opinion. I like good paying sites that pays on time
I don't like sites that delay payment. Having to wait for payment makes me feel anxious. I feel that sites should have a system set for immediate payment except when facing some difficulties.
I totally agree with you,it always point to a point of site not wanting to pay,site that pays on time motivate people to work more and be active to always want to reach payout
2 months delayed payment for micrometers? It is really disgusting because I may be bored to wait for that very long time of duration. Maybe I would look another site from that.
The reasons why people come online to work is to make money any delay in payment will be will set demotivating in,I think site owners should keep users busy and active by paying on time
I believe one of the forum.owner knows this and he uses this to his advantage that's why people are always going back there even after a ban he pays within minutes and that is to encourage everyone
Hehe you're right@Kerry that's why people are always working there to make some cents despite of him being that strict. If all other forums could adapt this then he will exoerince a tough competition
That is one of his strategies abd It working very well for him. Members keep flooding there everyday because they know however strict, they are always sure to get paid.

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