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Beer Money Forum is a scam
Stay away from this paid to post forum.It is a scam.The administrator Mr.B says you are banned for posting trash and unhelpful posts.As it turns out you don’t think your posts are trash.They go way overboard with the labeling at that site.Mylot is a better paid to post sites.At least they don’t be a jerk and label posts trash.Report Mr B to the FBI.
Well I won't say its a scam website but i don't like the website any, I done a lot for the website but they kicked me out for a very small reason. yes mylot is best and i am there now, Are you with same username there?
I used a different username at beermoney forum.I still think it is a scam.I had over 800 beer money forum coins and was so close to reaching my first payout before the jerk banned me.

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