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shorte.st review
this is a url shortner site where you get paid 2$ per 1000 views, minimum cashout is 5$, payment method is paypal.
Some people were complainging this site send adult ads when their visitors visited the monetized link; so I have send a question to shorte.st.
what question have you send to the site?
I have tried this site before, but I find it to be boring and a very slow earning site for me. I think it is not really worth for my time, maybe I would better try another site instead of this one.
@dove ;
$2 per 1000 view seems to be very impresive but the real thing is that you need a good impression to become a good working type.
This is a good service it is nice to say anyone that start working here can earn something good.
I have tried the site again today but i couldnt login to the site i think that the system is having some malfunctionality.
I will only recommend this site for the professional and not the newbie

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