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Paid visitors as natural traffic
Most website and youtube channel owners are targetting paid visitord. 

Everyone knows that paid traffic is not allowed by adsense or any other alternative. However this is real to advertise in task websites and marketplace of forums to visit, like, comment, share their contents.

This paid traffic comes as natural visit and do the site/channel as they wish.

What is your concern?
Even though we think about it all the time, we usually take a sit back and wait for an approach to traffic. All things considered, you can't constrain anybody to visit your site. And you need more traffic, and greater search engine visibility, in the event that you need to go anyplace with your website. Custom Essay Services | EssayEmpire
Although we have been thinking about it, we usually sit down and wait for the traffic. With all the issues in mind, you can't restrict anyone from accessing to write a paper for me. You need more traffic and a greater visibility of search engines.

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