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I think so many had heard about Neobux and this was one of the best site where people need to buy referral for getting paid.

Neobux was once considered best place to ern online, but now it is slow earning site, with no proper facilities to earn much. Their Points can not also we convrted easily unless one have thousands of points. It is very slow earning now.
I never thought Neobux was that good. I invested a small amount of money in it, bought a Golden Membership and some rented referrals but lost it all. Then they lost paypal which put me off even more. The only part I did like was the daily 200 xoxly ads which were worth $0.5 where we could earn $1 a day.
I have joined for a few months ago. I have earned $0.40 in two months. I did rent three referrals. But they did not work regularly. It takes twenty-five days to re-earn $.40 cents. In total, Neobux is not working well in the past.

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