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    How to make money without skills,but with money more money!

    If Martin can have a maximum of three tribes, then nothing earn. Will penny drip, all of which will go to cover the losses from these three tribes that will be encountered quite often. In General, while free access is not particularly I have seen some noteworthy strategies a Martingale.
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    The real show "Phobos 13"

    In principle, predictable result. Especially when gage on such a small stop loss. einshtein and what is stopping you to make these your go-constantly, because their placement does not depend on the current situation on the market, you open them at different times, regardless of the session...
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    TS in my indicator zones of supply and demand SupDem (OrazTM)

    Where , in fact , the strategy itself? If we publish a topic in the section of trading strategies, but you can at least at least some description to give. Or at least to describe the indicator that you represent as a trading system. About setting something write at least. So stupid strategy, if...
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    The real show "Phobos 13"

    somewhere I already saw such ambitious goals in this forum. Only the author was different. Only what is on your scoreboard still is not a single transaction is not completed for some reason. Is still no deal is not it? This distance is then 5 pips between orders? How strange. And another...