A multicurrency expert Advisor. Test.


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Nov 1, 2018
Greetings to all who looked and who looked

My name is Artem. On the stock exchange I'm the kettle, so I decided to start with the Advisor. Here I plan to report on the work of this beast

In early December acquired a multicurrency expert Advisor. The name is not going to write. On the website in the list I can't find it, but I think the source is from WSB.

Set up, launched, and after a week the developer released a recommendation that with 13.12 until after the holidays, it is advisable not to trade. That's what I did. The result was this:

In fact I turned off the Autotrading 7.12, but two pairs, the loonie and the Aussie were still open around 12 orders. Luckily 12.12 they closed. My friends did not listen to advice and is now sitting with a drawdown of 50-70% and wait for a rollback.

After NG will start his beast and continue to test. All happy.